About Advantage Pro-Kleen

Eduardo Armas, a native Houstonian, and owner of Advantage Pro-Kleen. With a 15 year career in the Energy and Oil & Gas industry his experience includes Services, Operations, Procurement, Project Management, Sales and Management. In addition, Eduardo has served in the U.S. Army over 28 years and currently a member in the Army Reserves. His focus on customer-centricity, attention to detail, leadership and business acumen are have been paramount to the early success of Advantage Pro-Kleen.

Advantage Pro-Kleen operates on three principles:

  • Quality - Deliver a high cleaning service implementing defined industry processes, training to standard, maintain the standard and regularly check the process and quality.
  • Customer - Be a Customer-Centric business, or a way of conducting business that fosters a positive customer experience at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Community - Be grateful for the opportunity to serve the community, appreciate our employees and customers who support Advantage Pro-Kleen.

In 2019, laid off from his full time professional job and while only part-time in the cleaning business with 3 accounts Eduardo realized it was time to make a decision. He approached the inopportune loss of his job as the opportunity to turn the page and become a full-time entrepreneur in the world of commercial cleaning. In 2018, Eduardo spent much of his time reading and researching the cleaning industry broadening his understanding and knowledge, and why businesses in the industry succeeded or failed. He noticed a common problem with dissatisfied customer. Companies had great sales pitch to promises but failed to fulfill in quality and customer service leading to unhappy customer. Understanding the importance of business relationship he incorporated the Customer-Centric methodology into the business foundation. Today, Eduardo is very hands-on training employees, keeping up on industry changes, meeting potential accounts and regularly visiting current customers. He says "The success of any organization is building solid relationships. The relationship with customer are just as important with employees because both support success and growth of the organization."