The History of Advantage Pro-Kleen

Eduardo Armas, a native Houstonian, is the owner of Advantage Pro-Kleen and has accumulated 15+ years of experience in the Energy, Oil & Gas industry serving in a broad spectrum of roles as a Technician, Engineer, Procurement, Project Management & Customer Service. In addition, he has served in the U.S. Army over 25 years and continues his service to this day in the Army Reserves. His focus to detail, leadership and business acumen are have been paramount to the early success of Advantage Pro-Kleen.

The owner of Advantage Pro-Kleen had two simple principle goals when he started in the commercial cleaning business. The first was, in order that delivery a high standard of cleaning to customer we must implement a high standard process, train, and maintain the standard throughout all cleaning tasks. Second, was to be a Customer-Centric business focused on the customer need and providing a positive customer experience.

When he decided to leave the corporate world and start a commercial cleaning business, he researched and learn the industry for a year. He noticed a common theme kept appearing. Companies made a lot of promises to win an account but unfortunately fail on the service quality and customer service delivery that eventually lead to a unhappy and dissatisfied customer. These are two main ingredients for success he thought… quality cleaning and customer service! Today, Eduardo is very hands meeting potential customers and visiting current customers regularly. He takes part in personally training his staff and explaining the high standard to maintain. He says “I want my customer to know they are important and not just another account. They deserve my attention and time to check and ensure we are doing our job and being available as needed.

Advantage Pro-Kleen was founded under the promise to always put the customer first! Communication between our company and our clients is what is most important to us! Additionally, providing a reference clean guide for each individual site and performing quality inspections ensure that high standard services are being delivered and maintained.


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